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Morten Krogvold Workshop Stage 2

Oppdatert: 20. okt. 2022


  • Attendance Monday during the evening.

  • Course day tuesday 8:30 in the morning.

  • Final night saturday, departure sunday after breakfast Stage 2 is about immersion in MKW and is divided into three main phases, and stage 2 is about deepening the substance. We slow down some - but not the intensity! Art history, photography history and focus on each individual's personal development are important. When you arrive, you choose one of eleven tasks, which you will be working on throughout the workshop. In stage 2 you get several practical demonstrations and tasks. The big advantage is that I know the participants - everyone must have taken stage 1 first - and thus we can communicate on another level. The quality of the dialogue between us is more interesting, and the teaching is welcomed with a different concentration. We work individually and practically together and there is time for personal conversations about upcoming projects. Emphasis is placed on the mysteries of craftsmanship.

For more information about prices etc you can contact the hotel


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