4.-11.November MKW in Vågå.

For the first time we are hosting Morten Krogvold Workshop Step 4 at Vågå! Registration directly to Vågå Hotel. Step 4 is so packed with goodies that we put on an extra day! During the course of the six days, Morten will give brand new engaging lectures based on the knowledge you have gained in Steps 1, 2 and 3. In addition, author Tove Nilsen and actor Jan Jönson will give wonderful lectures. And not only that! Morten himself will photograph all the participants, so you can see how he works up close. After the course you will receive a free handmade silver print of yourself, worth NOK 20,000. The course is for those who have completed Step 3. The price of the course is NOK 25,000, which covers tuition, hotel with full pension from 4.November and a handmade silver print by yourself, photographed by Morten Krogvold . PS! We have not planned any more Step 4 yet - maybe this will be our only chance. Limited number of seats.

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