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Morten Krogvold 


The actual Morten Krogvold Workshop original. If you

only have to attend one workshop, this is the most

important. There will be long days, evenings and

nights. And it requires concentration and enthusiasm!


Morten Krogvold workshop consists of three steps.

No matter what level you are at, you must start at step 1.

Each step is independent course and steps two and three

are just one offer participants who want to

continue their development.


MKW is intended for anyone interested in developing as photographer - both amateur and professional. Our experience is that beginners works great with experienced photographers. The first workshop started in 1989, so we have long experience.


VÅGÅ is located right in the heart of three national parks; Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell.Nature is fantastic and Ottadalen is known for its food culture and old, beautiful house. The people are welcoming and pleasant and have for years set up as models!


VÅGÅ HOTELL is a nice, family-run hotel in 70's style. The hosts Suat and Daiva are outstanding, the service similar - the food is good and feel at home here!


We meet on Thursday night for dinner - the course starts Friday morning and ends with an exhibition and party dinner Tuesday night. Return home is Wednesday morning.


MKW is a creative experience - this is not primarily a technical course. Of course, the participants get all the technical assistance needed. However, it is the creative photograph that is at the center.


Everyone has their own life story and experience that one can take advantage of in their pictures.


MKW has a fast pace with teaching and photography from early morning to late evening. Most aspects of photography are reviewed, but equally important is the emphasis on music, art history, literature and philosophy.


VÅGA HOTELL has one of the country's best dark rooms and it is up to each one about one will work with digital or analog photography.


Bring your own camera (quality doesn't matter) and laptop.


We have also furnished the studio with lighting equipment for those who want to make use of it.


We ask participants to include five pictures for review / photo criticism. This is just an offer and not something we impose on each one.


The only thing that is required of the participants is concentration, work enthusiasm and a portion of good mood!

Morten Krogvold workshopo in Vågå
The Workshop
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