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The hotel is located in the mountain village Vågå, MIDT in the National Park - surrounded by 3 national parks; Dovrefjell, Rondane and Jotunheimen. The area offers many great hiking opportunities, summer and winter!

The lake in Vågå
Prestgarden in Vågå with lots of history, old houses and a beautiful garden remade from how it looked at the late 1700s when Peder Munch and Christine Storm Munch
Visit Jutulheimen in Vågå to experience some real norwegian history. There you can take a look at houses from as far back as the 1600s

This is a homely village hotel close by to nature

and Norwegian tradition. With us you can breathe

out and relax in our unique atmosphere, or travel

out and experience Norwegian culture and nature

at its best. Here has poets, art painters

and folktale collectors found harmony and been

inspired by the magnificent natural and cultural

landscape for generations. Old townhouses and

farms are resting on small shelves on the

counter side, high above the irr green Vågåvatnet,

where Jotunheimen's snow-capped peaks

mirrors his brow ... Here you will find Vågå Hotel.

And here you are welcome as our guest.

Whether you are on a trip to the fjords of the west, going hiking over the Besseggen, climbing  Galdhøpiggen, or simply seeking a few days of peace and quiet for yourself. Vågå Hotel is always a nice place to stop. Indoors we offer premises in Gudbrandsdalsstil, several fireplace rooms, events with live music, swimming pool and saunas.

In the dining room we serve soups, salads and hot dishes every day.

A glass of aperitif can be taken by our cozy fireplace in the café, which is also used for coffee breaks for our conference guests. In the evening there is the possibility of relaxing in the bar, if you do not opt ​​for a swim in our pool, which has a sauna. We have meeting rooms, where the largest can seat up to 90 people in the cinema setup. We have 4 group rooms and some smaller living rooms that can also be used as group rooms.

The dining room at Vågå Hotel with a cosy fireplace
The bar at the hotel in Vågå
The swimming pool we got here at Vågå Hotel

There are activities for everyone nearby the Hotel. Marked hiking trails of different length and difficulty for those who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery we have around us. For those who want to experience tradition and culture, we have Munch in Vågå, Prestgarden in Ullinsvin and Jutulporten, and you can also get an experience you never forget at Gardmillom. - a journey from farm to farm in the gudbrandsdalen valley.

Vågåmo view seen from Skagsnebb in Vågå

For those who want something more action packed, we have a lot to choose from. In the center we have the Villaparken - a leisure park with ball-lane, jump in different sizes, skate park and play-games for children. 5 minutes from downtown you will find Ponderosa Bike Park, a real adrenaline bike ride!


If you travel a bit outside the village there are new experiences on all sides! Rafting and canoeing in Sjoa, mountain top hiking, dog sledding, fishing, climbing and much more. And did you know that Vågå is the national center for hanging and paragliding, and that people come from all around the world to fly in the perfect conditions found here?

Skate park in Vågå
BMX park in Vågå just 10 min walk from Vågå Hotel
Paragliding overVågå
The activity park in Vågåmo. 10 mn walk from Vågå Hotel

In winter you can travel to Lemonsjøen to

ski in fantastic powder drag, or explore nature

skiing in one of the many ski trails we got in the

mountains around us. Did you know that you can

also go to Besseggen in winter? Gjendeguiden can take you there and many other top trips on randoné ski.

Guided tour to Bessegge with Gjedeguiden. Book a weekend stay on Vågå Hotel, and join Gjendeguiden on randoné skiing next winter.

Contact us, and book yourself some days you'll never forget!

Enjoy winter as it should be...with lots of snow! in Vågå. Book a weekend on Vågå hotel now!
Our bedrooms

Double room 

Newest part

Vågå Hotell has a total of 50 double rooms. All rooms have a private bathroom and toilet. 

Singel room

Oldest part

We have a total of 8 single rooms. All rooms have a private bathroom and toilet.

Double room +

Newest part

30 of the double rooms have an extra sofa bed. All rooms have a private bathroom

and toilet.

Double room

Oldest part

Vågå Hotell has a total of 50 double rooms. All rooms have a private bathroom and toilet.

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